.1 About Me

Who am I? I’m just some guy with a camera, a few rolls of film and a passion to capture life as it is today with the tools of yesteryear. You won’t find me with a digital this, or a flash that. You will not find me sitting in front of photoshop tweaking one of a hundred photos that I happened to snap in 15 minutes. You will not find me at weddings, birthday parties, baby showers or any other paid for event. That’s not the direction my passion flows. What you will find are raw photos of whatever may catch my eye during one of my weekend walkabouts. My creativity is fueled by day to day life, the Urban decay that surrounds us and the changes that take place between day & night, season to season. I enjoy the touch & feel of film and the complication it offers. If it’s easy I’m not interested & if it’s quick I don’t trust it. The anticipation and suspense of receiving the developed product & the uncertainty of not knowing what your image will look like until the process is complete. The pain of learning by my mistakes pushes me to better myself. It’s my hope that my product will reflect this.

I’m a modernist; in love with the 60′s. The era where architecture was brave, music was brilliant & life was seen in technicolor. Frank Lloyd Wright, Ayn Rand & Vivian Maier; these are the greats of a time long past. They inspire me! I wish there was more to say but for now there isn’t. I hope you like what you see here; some will not. It’s not in my nature to please everyone. :-)


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